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Junior Pre-Primary

Grade 000
Blue Class
Age 3-4

A daily program of activities designed to develop and enhance children’s perceptual skills as well as their cognitive, physical, and language skills is followed. There are no formal lessons. All learning takes place through fun, interactive games, and activities. There are no formal assessments; however, children will receive progress reports in May and November based on observations made by the teacher as well as through informal activities.

Grade 00
Purple Class
Age 4-5


Senior Pre-School (Grade 0/R)

Yellow and Green Class

Age 5-6

A warm and welcoming atmosphere is provided for children where they can grow academically and spiritually in a Christian environment. A thematic approach to teaching which focuses on learning experiences is followed. Throughout the day, children participate in small and large groups, while studying and taking part in the many activities on offer.


The Religious Education curriculum prepares children of different religious and social backgrounds for life.


The Ministry of Education’s program is followed for the teaching of Mathematics. Children learn skills like counting, sequencing, and identifying shapes.


The Holy Cross Convent follows the Letterland Programme. Language instruction takes place in small and large groups and includes songs, phonics awareness, word recognition, and vocabulary development.


The science program provides children with opportunities to think and act like scientists. Children learn to investigate their natural environment. They get to learn about themselves, their school, and the community.


Special Activities like music appreciation, physical education, and Robotics are included in the Pre-primary program. The school has its own swimming pool and swimming classes are offered during the summer months. Children can also take part in activities offered by outside coaches. Kiddie Sport and Zig Zag Zone are offered at the school.

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