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The mission of the Holy Cross Convent Primary School is to provide quality Catholic education through a dedicated and committed Staff, Board of Governors and PTA orientated on Christ as guide, leader and teacher.


As a school community, we commit ourselves to the provision of an ambience conducive to the development of the whole person, creating an awareness of the less fortunate and a responsibility towards the environment by means of outreach programmes.


We recognise the parents as the prime educators of their children and encourage communication, co-operation and involvement within the entire school community.


We emphasise moral living, the development of self-confidence and the unfolding of every individual’s full potential through a curriculum suitable for diverse cultures focusing on religious, aesthetic, cultural, intellectual and physical aspects.


The vision of the Holy Cross Convent Primary School is to continue to highlight the significance of faith to life and contemporary culture in its service to society, and to be the preferred provider of quality Catholic education in Namibia

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