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Welcome to the Holy Cross Convent Primary School

Open Day 2023
14 Apr, 8:00 am
Holy Cross Convent Primary School

Letter from the Principal

The Principal

It is with pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you to the Holy Cross Convent School. Our school is an English medium Catholic school for boys and girls from Pre-Primary to Grade 7. The school, which is situated in the centre of Windhoek upholds the values and pursues the original aims of the Holy Cross Sisters.


We have a wonderful history and are proud to be one of the oldest schools in Namibia. Our school is built on strong Catholic principles, and these have carried us steadfastly through good times and tough times since 1906. Today, the Holy Cross Convent School continues to instil Christian values in an increasingly modern and changing world. It has always been considered a school that provides quality education and continues to live up to this reputation.


At the Holy Cross Convent School, we strive to create a community where everyone feels safe, has a sense of belonging, is treated with respect, and has the right to learn, grow and thrive. The committed staff endeavours to ensure a high academic standard and promotes appropriate discipline and the need to achieve in a happy and loving atmosphere.


Parents are considered partners in the education of their children. Parents who embrace this partnership make a significant difference in the success of their children. The children are offered a wide range of extra-mural activities and there is a Day Care programme in the afternoon. The children are challenged to make the most of their school experience and to get actively involved in all that the school has to offer.


Ours is a journey that we look forward to making together!

Mrs. Claire Kolberg

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